Thank you for visiting.  Just wanted to say hello and give a brief overview of that I am.  My name is Sam Wilkes and that i have been plumbing related since the finish of your time. .  I have carried out everything from plumbing home in order to industrial businesses as well as designing plumbing fixtures.    After that, I decided to get involved with water softening industry because I truly enjoyed helping individuals with their hard water issues.

We noticed such a large need in this marketplace and I truly loved helping individuals who required information about the best methods or how to make a choice buying a system.    At this time, its all about having a good time running a blog and supplying high quality information to my personal visitors.    

I am solitary along with 2 children and that i adore walking, reading as well as getting my dog for any stroll.      Well which about will it.  This is a blog regarding drinking water and never about me ;)  


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